Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011aston martin rapide

aston martin rapide front
What could be more luxurious than the Aston Martin Rapide? No,We do not connote any opponent from Germany, but about a special version of the Rapide covered under the name of Luxe.This version made its first appearance exclusive of any major media buzzing at the manufacturer. If you

expect after this version more power and better driveability, it will be disappointed. Luxe is above all else an exclusive way to finish the interior of this beautiful Aston, and a few additions beauty of his appearance.
consumers will be able to choose a pair of new exterior colors including Concours colors Blue and Silver Quantum. Of note are the good-looking 20-inch wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires.
In the interior, waiting for us a veritable inundation of skin, which can cover practically anything. The standard in this release are ventilated rear seats, a multimedia system with built-in seat 6.5-inch displays, and consisting of 6  Travel Kit.
Aston Martin Rapide guarantee to be an tremendously interesting and certainly by many of you will be entered on the list of dreams. This car is a great choice to the Porsche Panamera, which is not accounted for everyone to take pleasure in. Stylistically, the Aston Martin falls significantly better than the Porsche, additionally, will have a 12-cylinder engine. Today we are pleased to present a quite big collection of images that will further whet your enthusiasm for a new Aston.
As beforehand mentioned, under the hood lurks a powerful Aston 6-liter 12-cylinder engine that boasts 477 horse power. The car weighs much more than a classic sports Astony, but the lack of sports emotions will not complain about the controls of the Rapide.The first hundred will achieve the 5.3-seconds, which is a very good result taking into account the nearly 2 tons of weight.Certainly this is not the last word of Aston Martin and will soon create some super-enhanced version, which goes below 5 seconds. Top speed is also exciting and is 303 km / h. Aston’s interior combines classic stylishness with modernity, and certainly will appeal to supporters of both styles. The gadgets such as the 1000-watt sound system from Bang & Olufsen, a navigation system with hard drive, iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, or even not worth mentioning.

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