Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Aston Martin DBS

aston martin dbs carbon black front
From elegant appearance, Aston Martin DBS gets wild, even after his atrocious treatment in the workshops of the German tuner,  Anderson. Almost completely black because the red brake calipers break this dark harmony, it reveals a dark side as Darth Vader does not disapprove in person.

aston martin dbs carbon black interior
Lusterless black bodywork, 20-inch wheels also lusterless black, black interior ,  where carbon is present on the steering wheel and center console, red stitching and black upholstery and red, we can say that the aesthetic treatment of the continuity of ideas lavishly elegant and transform the UK.

aston martin dbs carbon black side
But if the Aston Martin DBS aesthetically completely changes the engine  do not follow the same course as the 6-liter V12 engine should be satisfied with a new exhaust system that is still spending the power from 517 to 560 hp. But given the efforts devoted to the bodywork and the interior is still waiting for something to further this aristocratic  mechanical

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