Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept front
At the fifth International Auto Show in Buenos Aires, Chevrolet launched the Chevrolet Colorado Rally pickup. Colorado Rally, as assured by its developers, will be a good side and on the asphalt road, and on this road.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept interior
Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept was created in close partnership of designers and engineers to develop the performance of the car and the conditions for the pilot and navigator, located in the cabin. Presented in Buenos Aires concept pickup has a double cabin, all-wheel drive and 18-inch polished wheels, made of aluminum. They are wearing rubber 305/60/R18, designed for off-road. Under the hood, engineers have installed Chevrolet 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine. According to the designers, who leads portal, the engine “of torque, ideal for a rally car.”

Chevrolet_Colorado_Rally_Concept rear
Suspension Chevrolet Colorado Rally prepared for the operation of the vehicle in places that are not endowed with the road surface.To do this, he found high-quality 140-millimeter dampers and height adjustment system clearance. Front and rear of the truck are the winch capacity 5.5 HP They are able to pull loads of up to four tons and are equipped with reinforced steel cables with a length of 23 meters. To protect occupants from injury in side impact Chevrolet Colorado Rally set for a strong glass, made of acrylic.
Exterior Chevrolet Colorado Rally has a number of design elements, in particular, the spare wheel in a special niche in the body, aluminum running boards and back cover of a body with two openings made to reduce vehicle weight and improve its aerodynamics.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept side
The interior of the new pickup truck rally focused on ergonomics and functionality, but luxury items still exist: the upper part of the dashboard is covered with a textured leather. On the sports steering wheel, in its upper part is a set of LEDs that show engine speed, which is very important for the pilot, especially when calculating the correct time shift. Colorado Rally Sport seats, with five-point safety belts. Before the navigator on the front panel is GPS-navigator of the last generation. Directly from the passenger compartment can be controlled suspension settings and tire pressure.

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