Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet 2011 Aveo
Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 2011 front
In 2011, the Chevrolet brand turns 100 years old. The automaker  celebrates this event with a series of new models, including minivans and compact cars class. Earlier to launching Cruze model, Chevrolet Aveo was the most sold car brand Chevrolet in the world. In the summer of 2011, sales will go the next
2011 aveo
Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 2011 interior
generation of  Chevolet Aveo, whose mission – to improve the competitiveness of the brand in a saturated compact car segment. Description of the Chevrolet Aveo 2011 is contained in our survey.
Chevrolet Aveo will be offered with a five-door hatchback bodies, and the sedan. In this and in another performance vehicle delivers excellent driving dynamics and handling thanks to a completely new chassis, which engineers have developed specifically for the model 2011. Chevrolet Aveo was designed to make everyday driving a small car more dynamic and enjoyable. In addition Aveo is efficient fuel consumption.
Aveo Chevrolet 2011
Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 2011 rear
“Aveo – a completely new car that is ready to compete with the best representatives of a class of compact cars, which are so popular in Europe,” says Wayne Brannon, president and managing director of Chevrolet Europe.
Chevrole Aveo has a refined, sporty design that is clearly aimed at young buyers. A key element of the exterior certainly become more lights, reminiscent of motorcycle. They are housed in two tunnels with a glossy black bezel and chrome trim. Five-door hatchback looks more sporty than seddan. The latter probably will be of interest to young families. The length of the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback with a body of 4,039 mm and the length of the sedan to 360 mm long. The car will be set wheel diameter of 15, 16 or 17 inches.
Interior worked out surprisingly well for such an inexpensive car. It is somewhat similar to interior design Chevrolet Corvette, which further should emphasize sporty car. In addition to the round instruments in the panel is LCD-display with blue backlight. Engineers have paid much attention to ease of placement in the cabin of the various details. In the two car glove box, one of which is equipped with a USB-input. It can put the player or a portable hard drive that connects to the music system. Inside, many small compartments and pockets, as well as three cup holders, which will be placed in the car a lot of objects of different sizes. Cheverolet Aveo electronics can be controlled with buttons on the steering wheel.

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