Friday, October 14, 2011

Porsche Panamera

Specifications prices  Modifications and Image Porsche Panamera
PORSCHE S Panamera Hybrid intelligent performance marks a new phase at the same time Porsche's success story continues four-door Gran Turismo. This is Porsche's most efficient travel throughout the history of the German car manufacturer.
Porsche Panamera S states are ready to release a hybrid version in the European markets starting from June this year with the beginning dipamerkannya at the Geneva Motor Show in March.



Porsche's famous sports car maker with a predicate and one of the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly technologies. So in producing this hybrid Panamera S, applied technology expertise proved Porsche in making the model with optimal performance results.
S Panamera Hybrid equipped with a beam power 380 hp only 159 g CO2 / km. Engine power was able to make it accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.0 seconds with a maximum speed of up to more than 270 km / hour.
Although its performance clearly shows his true identity as a true sport-utility vehicles, but in terms of fuel consumption as a sedan it daily capacity of 1,500 cc with an average fuel consumption of 12.9 km / liter.

Some interesting features on offer, among others, the system start-stop engine with automatic transmission that produces fuel consumption becomes more efficient 10 percent when the car in the city yangg dimeluncur macett.
In addition, for comfort and stability, the Porsche Panamera complete with air suspension at all four sokbreker. At speeds of 90 km / h, active in the rear spoiler, automatic lift to generate downforce. Thus, cars became more stable.


Porsche set a competitive price for the Panamera S Hybrid in Europe during the launch in June. He is priced € 106,185 (USD 1.28 billion) in Germany and £ 86.146 (USD 1.23 billion) in the UK.

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