Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Acura TSX

Specifications prices Modifications and Image   Acura TSX  2011  
Acura TSX was released in 2011, specifically manufactured to match and become the market penetration of products Volvo S 40, it is when compared with the features owned Acura, when compared with the price of Volvo, and Acura competition very tight.
TSX gets refresher exterior, interior, features. Front fascia, lower spoiler, fog lights and grille ornaments updated. At the stern, obtained by the revised rear lights and license plate garnish.

Body and Chassis

Has fulfilled a balanced dimension to a comfort with a size 3.0-inch wide, 2.6 inches on the track, the wheelbase 1.3 inches and 2.4 inches overall length. Acura says the changes are resulting in more interior space and meningkapkan kenyamana user.
Honda also has made some improvements and the development of SCARA whole body, thus increasing eleganitas and enhance tranquility. A closed-channel cross-braced roof structure and a stronger rear bulkhead to reduce getaran.J-new, B and C-pillar separators also increases peace of stronger and roads with high speed.
Into the interior, redesigned center console and trim his darker. Door handles are made lighter, redesigned parking brake handle, decorated in the steering wheel refreshed. The passengers in the back, now, become more comfortable with the presence of air vents in the rear center console.

Acura TSX sedan offered in a choice of V6 engines 2.4 liters and 3.5 liters. TSX 2.4 liter 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic. While the TSX sedan V6 only accompanied by a 5-speed automatic transmission.All models TSX sedan claimed more fuel efficient and lower emissions than previous models. A number of improvements made to the two-engine Acura TSX.TSX sedan V6 model 2011, for example, drinking 1 liter of petrol for a distance of 9.78 km (combined). While the TSX sedan V6 previously only able to travel 7.78 km

 Electronic Systems

Other standard features include power passenger seat, the data set and adjusted automatically and ergonomics, new automatic headlight activation, a premium 7-speaker sound system with CD, AM / FM / XM, and a USB port on the sound system and audio designed with using a remote control system.
Sound System and audio equipment designed using a 10-speaker premium sound system tuned by Elliot Scheiner, the Acura Navigation System that can be adjusted by using sound frequency, AcuraLink real-time traffic, AcuraLink weather, and very useful AcuraLink Satellite Communication System. This navigation system also features real-time traffic covering 76 major metropolitan markets, and offers dynamic rerouting traffic to the route guidance to help navigate slow. adapted to the conditions of each country.

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