Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

adillac, premium brands under the banner of General Motors, has been showing concept cars terbarau Luxury Urban Concept (ULC) who will perform in exhibition Los Angeles Auto Show 2010 which took place on November 19 to 28 later.Seeing this Cadillac latest concept, the mindset of premium designer brands, GM, it might have changed and no longer be centered around the United States. They also had glanced at the state and other big cities in the world, like Paris, Shanghai, and London, which is heavily promoting a small car.
To make this concept car in accordance with the urban environment, its size should be minimized. But General Motors claimed four adults could still sit comfortably in it. Wheelbase car is only about 2.46 m with a total length of approximately 3.83 m. Recorded 1.72 m in width and height only 1.44 m.
 Though GM claims that the interior space of relief, a journalist who has seen just say this car is still narrow cabin can be boarded despite four adults. "The exterior may be small, but the interior of relief," said Clay Dean from GM Advanced Design North America & Cadillac Brand Champion.Access into the cabin is provided by a pair of scissors type doors that stretched and opened to the front when opened. The interior is made of high grade materials and integrates well with the next-generation interactive technology. Traditional instrument panel is replaced with touch-pad screen and the numbers of indicators displayed through the projector, as well as temperature control and audio systems.
 In order to move, ULC will be filled engine 1.0-liter 3-cylinder. This kombusi engine reportedly will be married with electric technology, start-stop function, regeneration of braking energy and dual clutch transmission system.With the kitchen runway, GM hopes the use of ULC can minimize fuel consumption in the city of 23.81 km / liter and outside the city of 27.63 km / liter.Another feature to be added is a function of engine start-stop, regenerative braking, and dry dual clutch transmission.
 "This new vision to address the needs of the city," said Frank Suacedo, Chief Designer Cadillac. "The design of highly functional doors with the application of advanced technology. This car also illustrates Cadillac views towards the future. "Therefore, it is recognized, this concept car does not like the Cadillac that met in the streets for now. The concept is now like a city that wants a small car, but still able to obtain luxury."Now more and more buyers want the premium features in a small car. The solution, Urban Luxury Concept, "said Suacedo.

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