Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Cadillac DTS

As the U.S. car industry, General Motors (GM) show off their latest works are very special, Cadillac DTS edition of Black Diamond. GM will give the best performance with the latest version featuring a performance DTS Black Diamond which has been upgraded. DTS, using a paint edition features a specially-called Bright Silver Spectra Flair pigment, so it has special effects for users of the DTS DTS edition comes with Black Diamond Satin Graphite features 19-inch wheels with yellow brake calipers Brembo, Recaro seats with leather from France, microfiber suede inserts and Midnight Sapele wood trim. Black Diamond created the V-Series to be marketed with a variety of performance and has a touch of luxury performance cars. 

Overall, the coupe is still exactly the same as the regular 
DTS Coupe. Starting from the line of his body to form front and rear lights are exactly the same. The difference is visible from the design of the radiator grille and air dam are now embracing the wasp nest design, use of tire tread that is wider and use a large brake calipers. For the interior, Cadillac designers tried to incorporate elements of sportsmanship, luxurious and exclusive. The impression of sporty looks of the use of racing-style Recaro seats.

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