Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Subaru XV

subaru vx 2012 front
Subaru plans to unveil Subaru XV 2012 crossover specifications production this September at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2011. This is good news  Europeans for looking for a small SUV, but also the sign of the signal for a new Outback Sport for North America?

subaru vx 2012 interior
We are coming to admit, but not all that. If you remember, the nameplate was previously used Subaru XV 2012 in the truck-based model of the Impreza Outback Sport when sold outside North America. So far, the 2012 Impreza line include a five-door model and a new sport Impreza exclusive finish it, but no sign of an Outback Sport.

subaru vx 2012 rear
But could the new Subaru XV 2012, as the preview version concept presented at the Shanghai Motor Show, the missing link? Subaru is not saying one way or another, although U.S. representatives companies have suggested that the model is “under review” for our market. Meanwhile, their European colleagues issued a statement saying the “Subaru XV 2012 production version stays true to the concept” and that “will bring something fresh and a new level of excellence in engineering, in the segment.”

subaru vx 2012 side
Our guess is that at least bring some siding, large wheels, and with a slight separation of additional land on the market, if nothing else.Subaru XV 2012 Look for launch in Europe in early 2012, and – if a business case can be done .

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