Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Peugeot 308

peugeot-308-2011 restyled front
Four years after its selling, it’s time to find out whether this restyling brings real value to the Peugeot 308! Formerly  a competition who will nothing  stop at in actual with the arrival of the Ford Focus and the Citroen C4, Peugeot wanted to make a point of honor to the healthy competition of its main
peugeot-308-2011 restyled interior
competitors. What better way to respond only bring a few modifications on his Peugeot 308? Guaranteed achieve for this  model sold over 254,000 items  since 2007.
When we arrived at the park press Peugeot irreparably our gaze rests affectionately on our test model: the 308 Elegant restyled finish. A seductive figure that grows on compliance.
peugeot-308-2011 restyled side
For it must be said, this body stamped “Brown Earth Shadow” proves to be a marvel! But really, what are the changes to the look of this compact? At the front, the Lion brand is distinguished by its ability to use the strengths of its models. Thus, almost all codes used on the 508 are modeled with incredibly efficient in his little sister. A return to classicism, which surely does not make unhappy fans .
peugeot-308-2011 restyled back
We thus find the floating venerated by Peugeot grille, new headlamps and xenon daytime running lights LED from a boomerang highlight the fog. The logo underwent the new codes of the brand with a black background accented with shiny chrome accents. However, small flat face of this successful initiative, the rear seems to have been abandoned on this one . The only change is seen on its predecessor, the presence of a chrome strip highlighting stops horizontal tailgate. Although small consolation you say … With an exterior that keeps its promises, make haste to comb through every corner of the cabin!

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