Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Gumpert Apollo

Specifications prices Modifications and Image Gumpert Apollo
In 2001 Roland Gumpert propose a new generation of sports cars. One of the first concern of this car is a street legal car that highway, but ready for the race track. Gumpert returned to Germany in late 2001, after more than three years in China. There he was head of sales and marketing, responsible for the development of the company's dealer network of Audi-VW. Right after he returned to Germany, Roland Mayer asked if he would help in building a prototype sports car. Gumpert approved Audi involvement in this project, on condition that, if they eventually develop a new sports car, it's not a prototype, but the product series.
 This car has a speed of 220 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 seconds is produced by German car diAltenburg. Apollo production starts in October 2005 with prices ranging from USD $ 400.000.Apollo using 4163 cc intercooled version of the bi-turbo V8 engine from Audi. 90 ° V8 which has a closed deck crankcase lightweight metal with dry sump lubrication. Light metal cylinder head has five valves per cylinder, four camshaftoverhead, direct VarioCam variable valve timing on intake, and kompensasiclearance hydraulic valve. The double-flow exhaust system has a sensor to monitor oksigenempat gas mixture, and 3-way catalytic converter. Moderntermasuk control on-board diagnostic system, eight-coil electronic ignition, fuel injeksimultipoint sequence, and the (drive by wire) electronic accelerator.

     Factory Gumpert
     Production 2005-present
     Class Sports car
     Rear-wheel drive layout
     4.2 L (260 cu in) twin-turbocharged V8
     Transmission 6-speed sequential manual

     Length 4.249 m (167.3 in)
     Width 1.994 m (78.5 in)
     Height 1.105 m (43.5 in)
     Weight 1.100 kg (2.400 lb) to 1.200 kg (2.600 lb)
     Desianer Roland Gumpert
     Roland Mayer

Gumpert Apollo

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