Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Ford Vertrek concept

ford vertrek 2012 front
The Ford Vertrek concept car that launched  at the Detroit Motor Show is already now a preview of the next-generation SUV of the U.S. automaker. The Vertek   could therefore be much more sporty than new Ford Kuga.

ford vertrek 2012 interior
Ford Vertrek  concept car called Ford’s SUV concept that the public is served at the Detroit Motor Show. The exhibit was designed in Cologne’s development center and leans heavily on his silhouette to the current Kuga model.
In detail, the automaker has the shape of the compact SUVs, yet even one more aggressive. When Ford Vertrek Concept Car  remind many elements of the advanced “Kinetic design” to the Ford Focus current generation , which was a year ago also presented at the Detroit Motor Show.

ford vertrek 2012 rear
The lower cooling vents in the bumper are now designed in a trapezoidal shape and as with the focus divided into three parts. The headlights and taillights are shown in comparison to the Kuga-series model is significantly leaner and more aggressive. The rising belt line and the widened fender of the Ford Vertrek Concept Cars  leave the SUV appear more muscular.

ford vertrek 2012 side

The heavily contoured hood to suggest a high power of the underlying engine. At the rear of the Ford vertrek concept cars, the sporty impression is supported by a roof spoiler. At the lower end of side two obliquely mounted exhaust pipes protruding from the rear. Compared to the Ford Kuga, the study should provide more interior space.
The view into the interior of the Ford Vertrek Concept Cars falls from above through the futuristic, narrow glass roof, which is not in this form in the safe range. Including four individual bucket seats with suede leather cover are mounted to radiate with three wide ribs in the area of ​​the spine at first glance, not just comfort.
The different shades of brown but a bit cool modern designs are interspersed with neon-red accents. Along with aluminum trim colors, this game is also on the dashboard again. The ready, uncluttered center console pushes it far into the interior.
The large screen behind the steering wheel and in the middle of the dashboard to provide exactly like the cool blue instrument lighting the impression of modern technology. The attention to detail of the Ford Vertrek Concept Cars reflects self-contradictory in the carpets, in which a hand-woven leather material is used

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