Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Citroen GT


Citroen GT image as third-class car will be erased with the view society at large, especially in Indonesia. Moreover, if the sports car version has undergone several modifications to the process of regeneration and is issued and drove on public roads. Lux car called Citroen GT concept car is equipped with diamond-shaped wheels 21 inches in diameter made ​​of metal alloy (alloy).

Four-wheeled vehicles weighing 1.36 tons of lead in the super class of this machine. Matter of speed, need to be raised Citroen GT thumb. As an illustration, within a period of only 3.6 seconds, this car is capable of accelerating lanjunya up to 100 miles per hour.

Speaking of sophistication, can be categorized high Citroen GT class in his field, because this car is hydrogen powered and equipped with digital control machine tools 646 and 136 other automotive devices. Problem beauty of the exterior, the car along with a width of 4.960 meters 2080 meters and 1.090 meters height is no less interesting, because the whole decorated with fine lines and aggressive style.

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