Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Suzuk XL 7 Review,And Wallpapers

2011 Suzuk XL 7 Wallpapers and Review and Superb Features
The principal difference between Suzuki XL-July 2011 from its predecessor is in the carrier body, and the rejection of frame design significantly changed the character of the car. As before it is presented in the 5 – and 7-seat versions (with a drive for two and four wheels), but the new model folding third-row seat has a higher comfort level, which is quite natural for the increased dimensions of the car. For the same reason it became more spacious in the front of the cabin. Designers, designed the interior, gave preference to the style of 70-80-ies, which dominated the right angles and flat panel large format. Quality interior was much higher – a rather pleasant to look at and to touch plastic, wood trim and soft leather upholstery.
2011 Suzuk XL 7 Wallpaper--A Luxury Suv
new generation of Suzuki XL7 – completely independent model, which has nothing to do with the Grand Vitara. Number 7 said the number of passengers that it is able to take on board. In the European market model is not yet represented, and it is unclear whether this will happen at all. However, its overseas sales are in full swing, and “gray” with might and main dealers hauling a novelty in Russia. New petrol V6, developed by General Motors, develops power 252 hp Despite its mission for the U.S. market, is controlledcrossover very well. Roll in corners is minimal, imposing swinging from side to side there.
2011 Suzuk XL 7 Wallpaper
Crossovers that can take seven, you can count on the fingers of one hand. And such, where the back row is convenient not only for children, and generally do not count. In this car, whose length exceeds five meters, the third-row passengers do not feel redundant. Their seats are hiding in the underground trunk, forming a flat area. In the same underground is multicell capacity, which can accommodate many useful and not very veshchichek. But the spare wheel lives under the floor, increasing the already considerable rear overhang. Suzuki has never been an innovator, not charging their models with the latest technology.
2011 Suzuk XL 7 Interior
Interiore-- And in the XL7 at a fairly rich equipment there’s nothing out of fashion victim. Why, even in the list of options available xenon headlights. Although the full power, air conditioning and cruise control, music, DVDnavigation system, six airbags are available. There are self-leveling rear suspension and a contactless system starting. For the cheapest complete set asking $ 58,800, and for the top version of Platinum – almost $ 5880 more
2011 Suzuk XL 7 Wallpaper

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