Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Mazda5 Diesel

Mazda5 Diesel front
Mazda Motor Europe has publicized  it will soon reveal  a new model  for the Mazda5 is installed  with diesel engines. With the 1600 cc engine common-rail, Mazda5 will be dispersed  first from the European countries.

Mazda5 Diesel engine
This new diesel engine has a 8 valve SOHC design and united with six  speed manual transmission that has a high  lower CO2 emissions with improved fuel efficiency.
Additionally, this new engine creates more power than the elderly version 4.93 hp. So he has the power 113 hp with peak  torque of 270 Nm. Mazda5 diesel is claimed to be able to achieve a maximum speed of 270 km per  h and fuel consumption of 19.21 km / liter. To throw it gas emissions are in harmony with Euro5 emission typicals with emission of 138 g / km.

Mazda5 Diesel interior
Visually, the exterior look of Mazda5 has a European Mazda Nagare version design language which means the flow of the wind with new snout and D pillar is hidden and a new horizontal taillights.
Cabin using the dashboard, center console and steering wheel with new upholstery. Additionally, now more roomy cabin space and can have room for seven  passengers with seats that can be folded to a variety of arrangement s including the utility s of Mazda’s Karakuri folding seat.
But Mazda has not released price  a Mazda5 2011 with  new capacity is 1600 cc diesel in Europe and the time of its make available.

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