Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Mazda3 axela

Mazda3 axela front
How  to learn a best new model car? It is worth riding the different versions. In the case of the Mazda 3 is a lower limit of 63.9 thousand.  and 105 hp, and the top – 118.8 thousand  and well over twice the power. In the middle of deals we can find 2-liter “threesome” with the system and stop and Sport

package. Is it enough to connect the economy of version 1.6 of the claw MPS’a?
After the release of the compact Mazda came across an online discussion forum on the picture of her new and old incarnations. The signature read: “At first I was smiling, now coordinates with laughter.” Indeed, the huge air intake caused a stir last year compared with the implantation of Wankel engine under the hood. Today the excitement wore off, and although a taste is not discussed, it is difficult to refuse the “top three” charm, and her stylists – intuition. Predatory figure lags behind the vanguard Civikowi but surely stands out from the stylized Golf conservatively or neuter Auris. Sport version tested with white rear light globes and 17-inch alufelgami is struck between the Comfort and polite  MPS’em .

Mazda3 axela rear
The Japanese automaker are playing with semantics and the tin-jacketed version of Sport assemble 2-liter petrol engine with ecological aspirations. It is equipped with direct fuel injection and the start-stop system, called here and stop. Like its competitors, to lull the heart of the Mazda, just at a standstill at a red light or parking lot to move the play and let the clutch. Pressing the clutch auto wakes to life. How to calculate professionals already 6-second engine immobilisation profitable. Into the atmosphere does not get in this time superfluous carbon dioxide, and even the driver can breathe a pocket – in average gain per liter of fuel per 100 km. What is the intelligence of the Mazda? In contrast to other, here before you turn off the engine pistons are oriented at exactly the planned position (a stroke during work after top dead center, and another at the stage of the compression stroke). Thanks to this start-up takes 0.35 seconds, which is about half less than in other systems. There is also a quieter and generates less vibration.
For those interested: In a four-stroke four-cylinder engine at any given time only one cylinder may be setting the piston stroke during labor – after the upper turning point, when both valves are closed, while in another cylinder compression stroke occurs. Then this position is crucial for the subsequent engine starting. For such a setting in restraining individuals, should be coordinated action of computer control fuel injection, throttle and alternator excitation, which is used in this mode as a brake on the crankshaft. Also a need for more precise shaft position sensor. Once the motor from the viewpoint of the driver does not last longer than usual, or fractions of seconds.
Starting the engine starts with a cylinder in which the compression stroke – where fuel injection is subject to ignition. But we need to start supporting the impetus coming from the starter. Otherwise, if the injection and ignition occurred prior to the upper turning point, start-up would be back. Theoretically it is possible to completely eliminate the electrical pacemaker, but conducted a thorough analysis of the amount consumed when the fuel. The conclusions were that it would be necessary to completely get rid of the exhaust from the cylinders, which in turn wymuszałoby engine work longer before switching off. The use of starter allows you to bypass this problem. To ensure stable power supply, the system uses two batteries – one for general use and one specifically for commissioning. And as you can guess, both will need to be replaced someday. (Source: “Auto Tech Automotive)

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