Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 mazda2 ev grille

2011 mazda2 ev front
Mazda is currently developing an electric car based on the Mazda2 2012 the first car in Japan will be available completely for hire customers. At the Geneva Motor Show in early March, the manufacturer will also show an SUV concept.

2011 mazda2 ev grille
For a long time had kept out of Mazda emerging market for electric cars. From 2012, the brand will also be here with our own model: based on the Mazda 2 (Demio in Japan than in the Mazda range), the Japanese are developing an in-house power generation. Mazda2 2012 is Mazda’s electric vehicle will have a better range than the models already available on the market of competitors: 200 km far to the Mazda can take two fully charged batteries.

2011 mazda2 ev rear
However, the vehicle will initially be available only in Japan. There it is released next year exclusively to leasing customers. Mazda has in mind primarily regional government authorities and fleet customers. You should first investigate the claims as a test customer and the market.
Mazda wants parallel under the label “Skyactiv” develop their own eco-line. Here the focus is first on the optimization of existing technologies. Mazda proceeds from the assumption that the medium term, the engine will still be the universal standard on the car market.
Fuel-efficient combustion engines, more efficient transmission and lighter vehicle platforms and bodies are therefore first in the foreground. They are then combined in the future with electric drive components, regenerative braking systems and hybrid concepts. The first results are expected later this year on the market.
So far, the attempts by Mazda SUV on the market in this country had only limited success. In future, this will be different. At the Geneva Motor Show, March 3rd to 13 March 2011 Mazda will show a study of a new Mazda2 2012 SUV, which wants to emancipate the brand of the former Ford-like replicas of the Prestige.
The trial Mazda Minagi serves as a technology for a future production model and will initially make visually curious.Equipped with a comprehensive program of Skyactiv-line, the new SUV set new efficiency standards.

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