Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Lotus Elise

Specifications prices Modifications and Image Lotus Elise  
Lotus Elise was 14 years since first introduced. To human size, age of turbulence much for young people is high. Even with the 2011 edition of the Elise generation was introduced to the public Motherland (5 / 12) lalu.Untuk get a very luxury sport sedan with two chairs is the buyer had to spend up to 118 thousand dollars, or approximately USD 1 billion to be off the road.
Seeing the engine specification had occurred to doubt what can be done 1600 cc engine for a sports car in the middle of young people who are volatile, but this latest generation Elise was able to prove that the engine capacity is not everything.

 ProBax seat looks thin, but perfectly sustain in case the head shaking due to handling the complete Elise (left). 1ZR-FAE engine supplied Toyota, beginning from any kind of passion teen Elise (right)
Remember again that Elise is a pure sports car, from birth has been designed to satisfy the curiosity of fans. The capacity of the machine that is not too large for the size of its total weight sports car juxtaposed by the light.
Minus the driver but full of fuel, Elise weighs just 876 kg. As a result, Elise able to produce power to weight ratio of 0.16 hp / kg. Another meaning, for every 1 dk generated solely Elise load of 6.4 kg or 0.16 dk enough to attract each kilogram of weight Elise.

 Lotus Elise which was released was the Lotus Elise and the Elise SC. With a 1.6-liter engine capacity Valvematic, smaller than the Elise S 200 cc which is now circulating the fuel consumption is only 6.28 liters for 100 kilometers. 
"Although the engine is lower, but the power generated is almost the same that is 136 PS, 100 kW, 134 hp at 6800 rpm with maximum torque of 160 Nm, 118 lbft at 4400 rpm and save fuel 20 percent and has been marketed in 37 countries." he said in lounching TGE New Lotus the second Cyber ​​Tower, South Jakarta, Sunday (05/12/2010).

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