Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Specifications prices Modifications and Images KOENIGSEGG AGERA
Koenigsegg Agera 2011, the newly exhibited in the event the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. Through his official website, the manufacturer provides "tools" design for all accessor who wants to create his version Agera respectively.
New version of Koenigsegg cars Agera R not only has 1100 hp engine with a power that can be driven to reach 390 km / h but also have the innovation called the Thule Roof Box.
Thule Roof Box is a luggage that will be placed at the top of the car so that we can bring some things inside without disturbing the interior of the car.
Of course, this trunk box is not the usual baggage box you often see because matter is made ​​of carbon fiber and has been tested to be safe even if the car accelerated to 300 km / hour.
This luggage box can be removed when not in use and require only about 10 minutes to install and remove.

Several options are provided starting from the shape and color wheel, including a touch of color other details, such as Sparkling Topaz and Emerald Green. In addition, there are also three choices of rear wing model vehicles, such as F1 Double Wing and Top Gear. Log into the interior, also provided the option to show a personal touch, there are 10 color options and features USB connectivity and gadgets like satellite navigation can be applied.

V8 engine with twin-turbo 5000 cc capacity of the hidden body capable of making this car spewing power up to 1100 bhp with peak torque of 885 lb-ft reach.
Power can be achieved when the Koenigsegg Agera R using gasoline biofuel E85. Because when using regular gasoline, energy Koenigsegg Agera R will drop down to number 972 bhp and 811 lb-ft of torque.
Still, it became a fearsome force. Engine mated to a dual-clutch gearbox is also capable of accelerating seven melesatkan Koenigsegg Agera R to the speed of 100 km per hour in just about 3 seconds, and jump quickly to a top speed of 402 km per hour.


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