Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Honda Ridgeline


black honda ridgeline 2011 front
Rumours of terminating  of  Honda Ridgeline 2013 are apparently just that, rumors. Recent information suggests that the Ridgeline can be production  until 2013, despite slowing sales. Honda now says that earlier reports that the Honda Ridgeline 2013 will soon cease production based solely on speculation.


honda ridgeline 2011 interior
Honda spokeswoman Gina Jorge told us that the automaker has not announced the decision to suspend the ridgeline. George declined to comment on a possible replacement for the collection of niche, or any future models of Honda Ridgeline 2013 truck. Birmingham News, a publication based in the same state in which the Ridgeline is now produced, received official notice from Honda that the truck is safe for now.


honda ridgeline 2011 front
“The Ridgeline is not going anywhere,” said Honda spokesman Chuck Schifsky Birmingham News. ”There is no plan currently in progress or plan of any of the works to kill the Honda Ridgeline 2013 . We believe it is important to have a truck in the lineup. ”
The evidence for the belief in the value of Honda Ridgeline 2013 in the lineup could be seen in the shift of truck production from Canada to the Honda plant in Lincoln, Alabama, in 2009. This movement, according to Birmingham News, kept 4,000 workers occupied factories, while sales of the Honda Odyssey minivan and Pilot SUV, both built at the plant in Lincoln, slowed during the economic crisis.


honda ridgeline 2011 rear
The Honda Ridgeline 2013 also survived the trials for the supply of parts shortages caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March. Ridgeline production was put on hold until last month, when the whole truck could resume. This setback is likely to hit the truck sales and low sales. In late August, has sold 5776 Honda peaks in 2011, compared to 11,320 sold in the first eight months of 2010.Even without the drawback of production, the overall sales have dropped significantly each year since the introduction of the Ridgeline – with total sales in 2010 amounting to 16,142 Honda Ridgeline 2013 units compared with 42,593 units sold in the debut year of the truck

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