Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Ford Mondeo

2011 ford mondeo front angle
On the occasion of the Moscow Motor Show in 2010 prepared the world debut of a renewed model Ford Mondeo. The premiere is the last stage of a comprehensive program of upgrading the entire family of large models of the brand with the blue oval on the bonnet.

2011 ford mondeo interior
Renewed Focus has a new line of the body and new interior design, and the power source is a new modern range of Ford EcoBoost petrol engines and the TDCi diesel units, all of which are characterized by very high performance. Facilities include a wide range of systems and solutions that enhance driving comfort and convenience, and safety.
Ford Mondeo 2011 for many years famous for its stylish line, which goes hand in hand with large values of utility and versatility and driving pleasure and the high comfort of the driver and passengers. The newest model continues this tradition, surprising at the same time full of fresh style, all three versions of bodywork, which will be available: 4-door sedan, five-door hatchback and station wagon .

2011 ford mondeo rear angle
Among the most important stylistic changes to replace the distinctive new grille in front, with even more marked the lower grille in the shape of an inverted trapezoid and a stylish, narrow grille above. Both air inlets adorned with carefully selected to clearly outline the hood. The new shape also have the front fenders, which are built in the daytime running lights that use LED light diodes. Diodes of this type were also applied to the rear light units, which received the lenses with a modified form. The new outline of the trunk lid or tailgate in harmony with the new shape of the rear lights.

2011 ford mondeo side
The appearance of the interior of a renewed model is gaining a lot of thanks to the new design, new design center console running between the front seats and door finishes with revised interior door handles with integrated fully retracted in the respective wells and with overhead console above the windscreen, which may be the points of light giving the delicate and subtle lighting interior. New upholstery materials have been carefully selected and emphasize the high quality of the interior climate of the Ford Mondeo.
Inside the renovated Mondeo find many attractive and useful pieces of equipment, including the newly introduced interior lighting that uses LED, LED, and a new satellite navigation system. Users who appreciate good quality music will appreciate the high quality audio system, available on request, which uses 8-channel amplifier with 265 watts, brand new, high-performance speakers and a large 17-liter subwoofer.
With the launch of the renewed Mondeo range will be the first time, Dynamic 240-riding version of the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost gasoline turbocharged. Next to him, the buyer will have to choose a bit weaker, already known EcoBoost unit with a capacity of 203 hp, which was introduced earlier this year to offer engines for the Ford Mondeo and a refurbished S-Max and Galaxy.
While the new unit with 240 hp offers significantly better performance, the average CO2 emissions of just 179 g / km, and therefore the same as in the case of an engine power of 203 hp. This ratio remains the same regardless of the version of the body. More importantly, the solutions used in the Ford EcoBoost engines provide about 20-percent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional gasoline engines of similar displacement.
Another important novelty is the introduction of the Mondeo to offer a radically modernized diesel engine Ford Duratorq TDCi 2.2-liter. The power of this unit increased by 12% and now stands at 200 hp, making it the most powerful Duratorq family, which until now has been offered to the market.
Renewed Focus will also be available with a significantly modified version of the Duratorq TDCi diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters, which was offered in this model since the beginning of this year. This unit is available in versions with a capacity of 115, 140 and 163 hp. All these engines hold a secondary indicator of CO2 emissions of 139 g / km. The drive is transmitted to the wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox, which is offered in all body styles.
Currently available gasoline 1.6 and 2.0 Ford Duratec also been improved, generating a power output of 120 and 145 hp.
In search of a way to increase the efficiency of motors used Ford Mondeo renewed a number of solutions of the Ford ECOnetic directory. Among them are: charging the battery using regenerative energy (Smart Regenerative Charging) mode, the engine and the Ford Eco Mode – the first time, the models from Ford – the active shutter from the inlet to the engine. The last electronic device regulates the flow of air through the radiator and engine compartment to reduce aerodynamic drag, while providing better mileage performance engine warms up. This in turn has an impact on fuel consumption and obtain more favorable terms of engine in cold climates.
Modifications to the propulsion system and includes an offer gearboxes. Latest Ford Powershift automatic transmission, works with dual-clutch wet, is offered as standard in cars powered by Ford EcoBoost petrol engines. It will also be available as an option on vehicles equipped with 2.0-liter Durator  TDCi Diesel 140 hp and 163 hp.

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