Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Ford Edge Sport

Ford Edge Sport front
Unfortunately for fans but Ford Edge  SUV is sold in North America and is at the Chicago Auto Show  Ford unveils restyled version of the SUV Throughout 4.68 which is a direct competitor of the X5, ML, FX, RX and that would really have a place in our markets both its look and its mechanical make it a very nice vehicle.

Ford Edge Sport interior
Ford takes this new version for us to unveil a restyled SUV dynamqiue-looking, modern and sporty. In terms of facelifting, we find a large shell covered in satin chrome strips, lights that have been refined and stretched for more sportiness. Note the new design of bumper spoiler and fog lamps incorporating LEDs.

Ford Edge Sport rear
On the Ford Edge Sport version is matte black instead of chrome. The rear bumper was also revamped the entire design of the fires has changed slightly to more modern. But the facelift does not stop here because the dashboard is completely revised and based on that of the recent Ford Fusion.
We discover a dash less straight and softer than before, a combined instrument is very inspired by that of the Ford Fusion, a new three-spoke steering wheel and center console equipped with new aluminum inserts “plasticized.” The radio / stereo also evolves and goes upmarket while creating a new screen more user friendly and modern look.

Ford Edge Sport side
The sport benefits from new seats and a design incorporating the spirit of the SUV sport trend born in Germany. In terms of the pace we also note the very marked change in size of aluminum wheels that goes 17 or 18 inches to 20 (finish Limited) and even 22 inches (Sport).

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