Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

ferrari 599 gto novitec rosso front
This is the greatest courage is to throw up with modifications to the Ferrari 599 GTO top model . Who dared? Tuner Novitec Rosso.
The most exclusive and most powerful Ferrari model produced, a 599 GTO does not appear to meet the expectations of Novitec Rosso, he has brought to

ferrari 599 gto novitec rosso engine
Geneva a stronger variant of Bi-Kompressor. As the name suggests, low-speed serial V12 is equipped with a double charge!
The result is a power that exploded up from 670 hp to 888 hp ! Maximum torque is now 860 Nm is reached at 6,600 rpm. Previously, it was 620 Nm.

ferrari 599 gto novitec rosso rear
However, one has a performance soared. The first hundred there is a 0.15-second earlier (3.2 s). From 0-200 km / h so prepared 599 GTO acceleration in 9.1 seconds and a maximum speed we can rush the 340 km / h, which is a few miles faster than in the earlier series.

ferrari 599 gto novitec rosso side

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