Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Citroen DS5 Unveiled

citroen ds5 front view 2011
Unveiled as particularly realistic study, the Citroen DS5 will be one of the stars of next exhibition in Shanghai. But for now, this feature is desired: it reveals just her eyes. Piercing eyes, adorned with a garland of diodes and highlighted by a ring.

Piercing eyes, adorned with a garland of diodes and highlighted by a chrome strip: no need to emphasize for the moment, the Citroen DS5 does not show more. She prefers to book for the show in Shanghai, where she makes her first official appearance. But many secrets have already been fanned. As shown in our illustration (below), the latest creation of Chevron will not suffer from a lack of originality. Located at the crossroads between a wagon and an SUV, his body has worked very disconcerting enough. This five-seater less than 4.60 m and will seek to combine style and practicality, with a high degree of modularity and a chest of 450 dm3.

citroen ds5 front angle 2011
However, while the DS3 and DS4 are very close to C3 and C4, the DS5 has little in common with the C5. And for good reason: it does not rely on the same platform as it uses the base of the Peugeot 3008. A choice which will require to make a cross on the hydropneumatic suspension, yet dear to the brand.

citroen ds5 rear angle 2011
To compensate, the 2011 Citroen DS5 therefore relies on other technologies. Its modern interior may for example receive a heads-up display. And it will become the first hybrid diesel Rafters, by adopting the block 200 hp that is about to begin his career under the hood of the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4.

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