Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Citroen Aircross

citroen Aircross front
We knew Citroen PSA a strong existence as well as  in South America including Brazil. After the recent Hoggar presented by Peugeot, there is with Aircross still more confirmation designed specifically for this market. Based on the C3 Picasso, this friendly fighter, however, should endeavor into the tropical forest: they are indeed a simple footing.

citroen Aircross interior
Aesthetically, the affiliation with the new king of small crossovers is obvious. The Aircross but differs by the addition of elements rather well integrated to the whole, and not added to the “rush” as often these simulated-news in South America.
We may notice the calendar much more assertive and airy as the original, inspired in this way at all C-Crosser, but also aluminum roof rails integration very original (at lower of windshield) artificial protections to more adventurous and mostly unpublished front and rear bumpers.
citroen Aircross picture rear
Ultimate detail, the replacement of a conventional tailgate door with a spare wheel integrated. Apart from its undeniable aspect adventurer, this choice frees additional cargo space (between 490 and 500 liters available).
Nothing cheesy, or “cheap” in there, wondering if the same chevrons do not anticipate is the restyling of the Citroen C3 Picasso not foreseen until at least 2012!
If the procedure was not disclosed, the Citroen Aircross should settle for a cabin far less high tech than its European cousin. The digital meters and will be replaced by versions more traditional, more in tune with the habits and customs.
And no change  wheel drive, however, in running gear: the Aircross remains a simple pull and despite the inclusion of a suspension raised, he should appreciate the little uncertain paths.
Under the hood, the crossover follows logically carioca local market trends. Two engines Flexfuel program: a 1.6 and a 2.0 indiscriminately to stock up on petrol and ethanol.
The Citroen Aircross should be marketed in Brazil from the second half of 2010. Exclusivity that we regret this model is almost as appealing. Unless we do reserve Citroën a little surprise in the line of the C3 X-TR-way throughout the former C3 released in 2004.

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