Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Buick LaCrosse

Technological developments in the automotive sphere very often a major concern as the existing technology in one of the cars manufactured by General Motors that is Buick Lacrosse. Armed with the latest technology called eAssist they claim that the 2012 Buick LaCrosse models more fuel efficient than the previous model year 2011 which only rely on four-cylinder engine with 6 speed transmission. In addition to embedding new technologies Lacrosse 2012 also get a few new features. 

Buick Lacrosse was created especially for the more efficient use of fuel and the addition of four-cylinder for power. Initially, the manufacturer will only offer the Buick Lacrosse 2010 with a V6 engine but GM finally offer also injected 2.4-liter version of the Ecotec that produces 182 horsepower and torque of 172 lb-ft with 6-speed automatic transmission. Luxury Buick Lacrosse is already visible from the outside of the car, the car semi-luxury sedan concept is derived from the manufacturer General Motors.

GM hopes to release this model injected engine, can fulfill the consumers who want luxury features on the one hand but still efficient in the use of fuel. If at the time of testing carried out on the highway fuel consumption of about 7.8 liters per 100 km, while on the road while in the city requires 11.8 liters per 100 km. Along with the Ecotec 2.4L, GM also offers a machine with a system of direct injected 3.0L V6 with a blast of energy around 255 HP and 3.6L V6 that can produce output about 280 HP.
When viewed from the car buffer that is part of the legs, the car uses a multi jari2 silver alloy wheels. Still on the outside or the exterior can be seen the presence of water vent on the engine cover that serves to help the engine into the cabin air, the beauty of a wall of cars formed a sunroof, and the use of two-designed exhaust toward luxury. 

 Looking at the interior like the seats and door wall is coated with a creamy quality leather and a touch of chocolate-colored wood panels to extend to touch parts of the dashboard and instrument panel. A good mix of colors that give the impression of luxury and suitable as a family car, luxury in the interior of this vehicle was seen on the speedometer is given a touch indiglow, and luxury steering wheel are colored black and a touch of brown wood panels are adopted directly from the manufacturer GM. 
 Other changes in Lacrosse in 2012 include lower body panels and a water-flow to keep the shutter at the front of the sedan at the lowest possible drag coefficient. While on the inside there are several panels that experienced design innovations include a tool called eco-meter serves as a means of monitoring how efficiently the driver's style of both men and women. 
here is currently GM has not yet released pricing for Lacrosse 2.4L model in 2010, but previously the company had menggumumkan price for a V6 model starts at $ 27.835 for model 3.0L V6 CX and increased the price of $ 30.395 for the CXL FWD 3.0L V6, CXL AWD model 3.0L V6 with a price of $ 32.570 and $ 33.765 for the model 3.6-liter V6 CXS.


Car: Buick LaCrosse
Engine: 2.4-L Ecotec I4 (182), injected 3.0L V6 (255hp) and 3.6L V6 (280hp)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic transmission
Torque: 172 lb-ft (233 Nm)

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