Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Audi TTS Autonomous

Audi again again broke new ground by developing the Audi TTS Autonomous. This car and immediately tested at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb unfuk attained their certification.
Factors that was developed for the Audi TTS is to drive this car without a driver behind the wheel. However, using a remote controlled from a distance.
This car does not make a record pace, but managed to successfully prove the reliability of Audi's breakthrough technology. 

Audi TTS Coupe was developed by Audi with a team from Stanford University. The aim of this project is to create a vehicle capable of autonomously as a robot that can solve Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in a reasonable time by using the correct technique rally.

Audi registered on behalf of Researchers from the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab to develop a security architecture cans That ensures the car driving perform independently reliable.

The team at Stanford University have developed a control algorithm that allows the vehicle runs on the limits of handling a variety of road surfaces and conditions and these let vehicles track Pikes Pike resolve it brief.

This car made it through grade field conditions that were tested by the Pikes Peak within 27 minutes without a driver. While the record is held by a human time behind the wheel is under 10 minutes to Pikes Peak this track.
Audi TT is proven to pass through difficult terrain. He is controlled via the throttle by wire system that is connected to the engine with 265 hp power.
This car is equipped with two computer systems that its appliances are placed in the trunk. This computer algorithm works in real-time Java Oracle and other works on algorithm of vehicle dynamic systems. While a GPS device to control the car to stay on track the first set.
The purpose of the development of this car is to learn how to properly steering which will be applied to the development of robotic driver.

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