Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011 Alfa Romeo Pandion

Specifications prices Modifications and Image  Alfa Romeo  Pandion Concept   2011    
After 2 year absence from the automotive world, Bertone back to the Geneva Motor Show to launch the Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept: Si Coupe aggressive yet charming as an annual tribute of one-Alfa Romeo.

While other car manufacturers are stuck in the past with new cars that have the look of the old car, Bertone, looking far ahead. This famous car designer now only design concepts for a variety of car brands that consider design as a study towards a style brand their cars in the future. Alfa Romeo Bertone already a client who is based in Italy for many years. At the Geneva Autoshow 2010 Pandion Bertone Concept introduces them they have created a prototype. Pandion which is the successor C8 Competizione, is actually constructed from a Maserati GT. At least this concept car use Italian machines.

 engine 4.7-liter, 450 CV 8 Cylinders, make a "dream car" was taking place that fits in the family of historical of cars from Alfa Romeo.

Pandion name taken from the animal world: Pandion Haliaetus, or better known as the Osprey, a type of sea eagles are nesting in the vicinity of the coastal areas. The designer door design which is inspired from the wing predator. Front as usual form a family trait that forms the Alfa Romeo shield grilnya almost like a British warship.

Pandion mechanical spectacle that is actually a wing door automatic. With a pressure button, the base behind him will be lifted. The door is also closed in the same way. Are we going to see part of this car in Alfa Romeo cars next? According to Bertone, it's possible. Alfa somewhat like a new interpretation grill design "V" they are the techno mania can see this on the front Pandion. If they were smart, they should also think of ways to realize the back Pandion charming. The techno mania can see how this concept car in action on the pebble beach and listen to the roar of the engine.

Display the inside of a car like the skull that was removed from his skin. For more details, the techno mania could see the gallery below to see the cabin. Although the cabin structure is unconventional, the car is equipped with all facilities that the mania techno want, most of the facilities that can be accessed via a large touch screen panel.

The interior was visible when the car 2 +2 format, the two front seats and two rear seat, but her style coupe. Model cabin also is a bit more like a backward-rather than exotic-car muscle, but with dynamic lines makes it almost invisible even if the actual position of the cabin slightly overhanging canopy.


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