Thursday, September 1, 2011

the fastest bus in the world

Fastest bus in the world 2010

Fastest bus in the world 2010Fastest bus in the world 2010
Bus Accelerated and longest in the world in 2010. Superbus Accelerated new world in 2010 made the original Dutch student team that can melesat to 209 km per hour. Superbus and Accelerated longest in the world with power and can accommodate 23 passengers. Buses with a body made of aluminum and carbon fiber is also luxurious with a feature in the cabin.
By using energy from lithium-polymer baterai generated from a pair of electric motors, this bus can produce maximum power 400 horse power. If seen, this car as a limousine.
Proyek environment friendly bus is headed by Wubbo Ockels, Antonia Terz, and Joris Melkert to the team of their education students who have completed the first expansion. Wubbo Ockels is the first Dutch Space, Antonia Terzi is a former Formula 1 team BMW-Williams for business machines, and Joris Melkert is one of the brains of proyek NUNA 3, solar powered car that is Accelerated in the world.
Accelerated Superbus bus, and the longest in the world in 2010 was later to be used in Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab (UAE). In Indonesia when yah have Accelerated bus in the world?


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